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Lake County

Lake County is geographically the smallest of Ohio’s 88 Counties but, with more than 236,000 citizens, it currently ranks 11th in population and continues to be among Ohio’s fastest growing. The workforce is highly skilled and they put a premium on education and training. Teachers in Lake County average the highest wages in the stat and the county boasts the lowest percentage of population living below the poverty line. The most unique feature about Lake County is the 31 mils of shoreline along Lake Erie. There are two major rivers flowing through the County which provide superb recreational opportunities and harbors and marinas for shipping. A number of large national and regional companies call Lake County home and have their headquarters there. Lake County’s reputation in agricultural circles is legendary. Blessed with some of the most fertile sail anywhere, the Nursey Industry is a national leader and their well-established Wine Industry is nationally known due to ideal soil and climate for grape production.

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Geauga County

Formed in 1806 from Trumbull County, Geauga County is rich in pioneer heritage. Located approximately thirty miles east of Cleveland, Geauga County offers a perfect blend of beautiful countryside, interesting culture, captivating history, and unique shopping. We are home to the country’s second largest Amish population and some of the world’s best maple syrup.


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