Committees & Taskforces




2024 Affiliate/Charity & Community Taskforce 

Chair Shannon Lower, 440.251.8376,

The Affiliate/Charity Taskforce is made up of Affiliate and REALTOR® members. It has the responsibility to provide support to the real estate community through quality education, communication and professionalism and to plan and organize social events for the general membership of the Association.


2024 Awards Taskforce

Chair Sharon Zunkley, 440.477.3276,

The Awards Taskforce has the responsibility to establish and execute a plan for systematically recognizing members’ professional achievements and contributions to the Association and the industry.


2024 Bylaws Committee 

Chair Christine Pappas, 216.956.7635, 

The Bylaws Committee is responsible to assure that the Bylaws of the Association are in compliance with the national (NAR) and state (OAR) associations bylaws; and that they are adequate to fulfill the purpose and functions of the Association.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee 

The purpose of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force is to identify opportunities of conversation and education, establish expectations of diversity and promote the practice of inclusion within our membership base and industry.


2024 Finance Committee 

Chair/Treasurer Tim Cline, 440.749.5182,

This committee has the responsibility to develop and recommend an annual budget to the Board for their approval; to be familiar with financial reporting formats; to ensure that adequate accounting methods are in place; and to monitor and evaluate our financial positions, cash and capital, making recommendations, as necessary, to maintain fiscal responsibility and provide adequate resources.


2024 Legislative Committee 

Chair Richard Piraino, 440.223.1777, 

The Legislative Committee has the responsibility to stimulate political awareness among members and encourage their involvement in the political process at all levels. Realtors® Political Action Committee is the fundraising subcommittee. Contributions are made to those candidates seeking election to federal, state and local offices who are supportive of the real estate industry and its issues. New Realtor® Orientation Taskforce is the subcommittee that conducts the orientation class for newly licensed agents.


2024 New REALTOR® Orientation Taskforce 

Chair Rebecca Donatelli, 216.632.0515,

NRO Taskforce establishes and executes instruction to new REALTOR® members how join LGAAR.


2024 Nominating Committee 

Chair Noreen Marlowe, 440.668.7678,

The Nominating Committee has the responsibility to identify and interview potential candidates for elective offices and directorships from among the membership and to nominate from among those eligible candidates one qualified member for each elective position.


Past Presidents Advisory Group 

The purpose of the Past President’s Advisory Group is to provide counsel to the current officers of LGAAR, and assist with any specific projects per the direction of the President. They will work together to identify talented members and potential future leaders at LGAAR.


2024 RPAC Sub-Committee 

Chair Rebecca Donatelli, 216.632.0515,

The RPAC Committee is a sub-committee of the Legislative Committee and is organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of collecting funds, which are allocated by the Ohio RPAC and National RPAC as contributions for candidates for election to federal, state and local offices.  The REALTORS(R) Political Action Campaign (“RPAC”) is governed by strict federal and state laws. It must be operated in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code and the Federal Campaign Act.


2024 Strategic Planning Committee 

Chair Jennifer Allen, 440.796.4833,

has the responsibility for the development and implementation of a 3-5 year strategic plan for the operation of the Association. Further this committee has the responsibility to evaluate and revise the plan as needed to maintain a 3-5 year prospective and to position the Association to meet the challenges of the marketplace and the needs of the membership.


2024 Young Professionals Network (“YPN”) 

Chair Ryan Zalimeni, 440.361.0395,

helps young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in four core areas: REALTOR® associations, Real estate industry, Peers, and Community.

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If you are interested in joining a Committee or Taskforce, please fill out an Application and fax to 440.394.2293, e-mail us at or call 440.350.9000 and let us know.